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DDM was formed in 2009 with at the helm. Though our digital offerings and the way people consume information has changed significantly over the years, one thing has remained constant: our employees’ ethos. 


We work hard. We play hard. We do it together. Fostering a collaborative environment where people truly care about connecting and informing the communities they are a part of has always been part of DDM’s culture. 


When employees were asked about the aspects and accomplishments of their jobs that mattered most to them, culture was at the top of most lists. And words like integrity, learning and quality popped up more frequently than moles in an arcade. 


We don’t try to push those characteristics underground with a rubber mallet, however. They are a part of our core values, a reminder to ACT with intention every day.





Our teams innovate rapidly and strategically in an ever-changing market. We develop and grow together.


We are passionate about delivering customer-centric products that make positive impacts in our communities. Every employee is actively involved in growing our audience.


We are determined to improve our results and increase efficiency. Individuals speak up, lead out and make decisions.

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Nate Hatch is the President of Deseret Digital Media. He moved into this role after a stint as DDM’s Chief Technology Officer. Nate has decades of executive-level technology and business experience.



Prior to joining DDM, Nate led Brigham Young University’s Office of Information Technology as Assistant Vice President. He has also held leadership positions at several companies including C7 Data Centers, Times Mirror, Novell and WordPerfect Corporations. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business and organizational management.


Ryan Jonson is the Chief Financial Officer of Deseret Digital Media with responsibility for all financial and business planning activities. He is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and accounting, with broad experience in startups and large multinational companies. Ryan has worked in senior positions with various high-growth technology companies, including iBAHN Corporation, Center 7 and Franklin Covey. Ryan has an MBA and is a licensed CPA.





Tom Yates is Sr. Vice President of Revenue for Deseret Digital Media.  He joined DDM in 2014 to lead the sales efforts for KSL Cars. Tom has 20+ years of experience in the auto industry. He started his career on the retail side of the auto industry selling cars, and later was promoted to Internet Manager, Floor Manager and eventually General Sales Manager. He left the retail side of the auto industry in 2004 to join where he was an Account Executive and later promoted to District Sales Manager...



Mark Judge is the Chief of Staff and Human Resource Director at Deseret Digital Media. He has more than 20 years of HR expertise, having worked for and consulted with Fortune 500 companies and global organizations. Mark also possesses specialized senior executive human resource leadership experience in the technology, media, publishing and broadcasting industries.

From employee relations to right-sizing and legal compliance, Mark’s executive acumen is proven to achieve workforce and organizational alignment. Without such alignment, he believes ineffectiveness and dysfunction emerge and... 


Brett Atkinson is the Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Data. He is responsible for Deseret Digital Media's data strategy to organize, operationalize and evangelize information to accelerate performance. Brett has 15+ years of experience in eCommerce and digital media industries and currently leads the data analysis, data engineering and machine learning teams.


Brett developed an analytical, evidence-based mentality as a collegiate speech and debate competitor and still carries a competitive disposition. Outside of his profession, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. In his free time, he can be found attending soccer games, playing board games and listening to tunes.


Steve Fidel is Deseret Digital Media's News Vice President and leads the news division of He took on this role after teaching journalism and directing the Daily Universe news lab for nine years in the School of Communications at his alma mater, Brigham Young University. Steve's time in academia followed a 30-year career as a reporter and editor for Deseret News and KSL, where his mentors included Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Bob Mullins and John Hughes. Steve has worked on assignments in Europe, Asia and Africa, and earned national awards for his investigative reporting and coverage of the Gulf War.



Brady Mortensen is the Chief Technology Officer at Deseret Digital Media and is responsible for the software engineering and infrastructure teams that power DDM’s market-dominating products. 


A University of Utah graduate, Brady has built a resume that includes years spent in the news, software engineering, IT and product disciplines. He has more than 30 years of combined experience in the media and technology industries.

Brady enjoys spending lots of time with his wife, daughters and huge dogs... 


Brian Hoopes is the Head of Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention for Deseret Digital Media. He has worked in a variety of technical roles across Deseret Management Corporation companies throughout his many years with the company.


When not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his family. He can also be found wandering around the great outdoors or tinkering with something that caught his eye.

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